Naorin Jahan Dog Trainer Our goal at Serendipity K9 LLC is to help owners rebuild their relationships with their dogs, while teaching them how to communicate in a manner that their dogs will understand.

About Naorin

As the owner of Serendipity K9, Naorin (pronounced Noreen) made the switch to dog training after years of success in the architecture industry. The decision for her career change came after training her own dogs Maya and Kaya. She got both German Shepherds a week apart from each other, and immediately knew training needed to be implemented. With the help of her friend Katie Breslin, the owner of Last Journey K9, both girls were trained and, in the process, awakened a love of training for her; and a desire to build the strongest possible bond between her and them. After this development, Naorin took on an apprenticeship at Primal Pathways under the wonderful Mitch Stahl. “I want to help owners rebuild their relationship with their beloved K9 and experience an unbreakable bond like the one I have with my dogs.” Naorin is a firm believer in that the bond between humans and their dogs is an intense and amazing experience. It is filled with surprises and challenges, but the connection is built off of both trust and communication. Dogs are some of the most loyal, kind, intelligent animal companions that we can have, and it is our job to do right by them so they can flourish in the right ways.

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Naorin believes that we all choose to get dogs for a reason, and when we lose sight of that reason it can be hard to rebuild that connection. “I want to remind people [of] the reason they got their dog and help guide them back to the relationship they want with their dogs.” Here’s to changing dog and owner relationships one step at a time.

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