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    Hello and Welcome to Serendipity K9 LLC

    Our goal is to help owners rebuild their relationship with their dogs, by teaching them how to communicate with their dogs in a manner that their dogs will understand.

    Here are some of the services we provide. Please contact us for pricing:

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    Our Services

    • Services: Please contact me for pricing.

    • Hand Drawn Pet Portraits: who better to capture the personality of your dog than the person that teaches them? Inquire about a pet portrait today.

    Dog Walking:

    For certain locations we provide this service at a maximum of 45 minutes, this is an awesome option for those people who are too busy to take their dogs out themselves on a daily basis.

    Private In-Person Training:

    Get dog specific training direction all to yourself for an hour at a time, this is great for those dogs that need a little extra attention and help to reach their goals with you.


    Private Zoom Training:

    Get the same high-quality training that private in-person offers but get it right at home. These sessions also run for an hour.


    Puppy Group Class:

    Designed for puppies between 8 weeks and 15 weeks, this class is the best first step that you can take for your dog. These classes run for an hour and in that time your puppy will learn foundational skills that will be with them all their life.


    Group Class:

    Designed for puppies (at least 16 weeks) and full-grown dogs (16 weeks +), these are the big boy classes. Inside of them, the focus is on behavior, communication, and building the strongest possible bond between owner and pet.


    Board and Train:

    Created for a maximum of three weeks, boarding your pet with us means that while you go on vacation or catch up on work, we can fill your dog’s day with activities and training sessions. By the end of the three weeks you’ll receive an obedient, communicative dog, but owner must continue to work with the dog.

    Day Training:

    Most day training takes about 2 weeks and is a full 8-hour day for your dog. Many people refer to this as ‘school’ for their pet. Choosing this training routine involves a drop-off in the morning and pick-up period in the evening. It’s a great way for your dog to spend their day playing and building skills while you take care of business.


    We also offer boarding for your dog. Each day they are with us, they are given access to play time and activities which engage and challenge them. In normal boarding they are not put into the training groups, meaning that if you like your dog how they are, they can still board and not be impacted by other training.

    In-Home Pet Sitting:

    For certain locations we also offer in-home pet sitting. This is a great option for those with a sick or elder animal.





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